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Club Rules

Radio Frequencies

Allowed Radio bands for operating model boats are 27, 40 & 2.4 ghz.

Use of 35mhz is forbidden.

27mhz maybe subject to interference from CB radio or other sources but is still used within the club.

12 channels are available on older equipment and 32 channels on newer equipment.  Channels are identified by colours.  You should have the relevant coloured pennant on your radio gear to inform other members.

40mhz is the most popular band at the moment with equipment prices dropping and is more reliable than 27mhz.  34 channels are available here being identified by the last 3 digits of the frequency.

Both 27mhz and 40mhz require a pair of matching channel crystals to operate  the radio.

2.4ghz radio is the latest band width allocated and does not need radio crystals for each channel as the radio unit seeks a free channel automatically. 80 Channels are available.  Transmitter sets for the 2.4ghz are also becoming more popular and are  reasonably priced for entry level units.

It is the responsibility of all club members to ensure that they check with other members at the lake side before switching on your radio gear in case of frequency clashes!

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